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Correct geyser installation is crucial. Some people consider hot water to be a luxury, but that’s not the case if you live in Helderberg. In this locale, hot water is used to take showers, do the dishes and so forth. That is why you should not stand living without hot water in your home. In any case, that would be a monumental inconvenience. So, in case your existing water heater fails, getting it repaired immediately should be a top priority. Don’t try to fix it yourself either. That might make things worse. Your best option is to get in touch with Roy’s Plumbers Somerset West and the problem will be handled fast and professionally for you.

We have a history of doing high-quality work for our clients. Our team is made up of carefully selected experts who show the utmost level of professionalism by showing up on time and ensuring that your installation and repair needs are completely resolved by the time we leave.

Geyser Installation – Somerset West and Strand

We do:

Full-service geyser installation and
Geyser repair for all kinds of models
We can also sell you geysers, after looking into your usage needs.

With us, you will also get a 100% satisfaction guarantee when using our services

So, never let a day pass without hot water in your home, you can get in touch with us to sort out any geyser issues you may have.

Best Geyser Installation Services

Popular Helderberg Geyser Repairs

There could be a problem in your geyser that makes it impossible to get water that is hot enough. Even worse, you might not be getting any hot water. These issues are obviously a concern for most people as they can interfere with a lot of household activities.

Fortunately, with any of our experienced and highly trained professionals taking a look at the issue, you can be sure that the problem will be fixed fast, regardless of the type of water heater you use.

Here are some problems we often see and resolve on a regular basis:

Not getting any hot water

In some cases, the burning element usually burns out for this to happen, although that also depends on the kind of water heater you are using. There are other reasons this happens as well, and we have seen them all.

Hot water not hot enough

This problem is really bad as you can try to put up with it, which often means suffering through it for days or weeks. Fortunately, this is usually very easy to fix, and we see the problem in many traditional electric geysers. All we have to do is repair the heating elements in the tank, and it’s usually one or two that have burned out. But there could be other reasons the water in your home is not hot enough, and we can address them as well so that your water is sufficiently hot.

Unpredictable geysers and long delays in getting hot water

Many issues can cause this problem, although it is most common among gas-heated water tanks. Usually, in these appliances, ash piles up in the burner assembly and the pilot light and burner experience issues that make the entire heating unit less reliable. So, if your hot water bills are still high despite not getting enough hot water, then this might be the problem you are facing.

Leaks around the water tank

Usually, this problem is caused by the hoses and the lines wearing out, although the pressure relief valve could also be an issue by letting water out when it’s not supposed to due to wear and tear. Whatever the case, be assured that we can fix the problem for you and you will have no leaks to worry about in your home.

So, if you have no idea what is causing water heating system problems in your premises, give us a call and we will help you figure out what the problem is and you can choose whether you want us to fix it for you or not.

Installation of Geysers in Somerset West, Strand and Gordons Bay

There is more to installing a geyser than hooking hoses to the appliance. You have to choose the place where this appliance will be fixed properly, as there are safety and operational issues to consider. Improper installation can be a serious health hazard. That is why you should have a licensed professional handle the job so that the geyser can be installed safely for enhanced safety, performance, and energy savings.

Geyser installation services we offer have the following benefits

Ideal set up of the geyser to ensure maximum benefits
Enhanced energy savings
Expert installation of any gas and electric elements
Ideal placement and ventilation of the water heating unit
Right set up of the heater to ensure maximum benefits
Compliance with all local codes

In addition to these services, we are also an authorized dealer who sell you top quality and highly energy-efficient geysers. You can always have us find the best geyser for your needs at a price you can easily afford. So, get in touch with us today.

Best Geyser Installation Services