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Leak Detection

Leaks are not always easy to find, and this is where professional plumbers like us come in. We have the skills necessary to execute professional leak detection and fix them fast and effectively.

We know of a lot of people who were shocked by the huge bills sent to them for having massive unnoticed leaks on their plumbing systems.

What should you do if you suspect you have a leak?

Close all the taps throughout your home so that there is no running water. Then take a look at the meter to see if it’s still running. If it is, then know that you have a leak.

You can also take the reading when all taps are closed, then wait a few hours and take the reading again. If the reading has changed, then you have a leak. Over this period, don’t even flush the toilet in order to make an accurate assessment.

Once you realize that you have a leak, get in touch with a professional plumbing expert like Roy’s Plumbers. Our leak detection experts in Somerset West, Strand and Gordon’s Bay will come over immediately and tell you where the leak is without any delays. We will also use our advanced tools to fix the leak immediately.

Best Leak Detection Services

Leak Detection Considerations

Some leaks are in hidden places and that can make them hard to fix. At other times, we might need to excavate to get access to the leak. This can obviously get expensive. The best option is to use a plumbing company that understands the job properly so that the problem can be fixed fast. That said, insurance typically covers leaks, and you can look into whether the leak you are having is covered. Additionally, keep in mind that leaks can make the walls damp, and that can also make them rot, which can cost a lot of money to fix if allowed to go on unattended. A majority of leaks are found in the following:
  • Sinks
  • Taps
  • Overflows
  • Showers
  • Heating systems
  • Toilets
  • Stop taps
  • Radiators
  • Water storage tanks
  • Baths
Generally, around 80% of the leaks happen in these areas. In cases the leak is around a pipe thread, a thread seal tape can help resolve it. But if the pipe has suffered a burst, then a replacement might be necessary. Either way, you should get in touch with us to help you fix the leak.

Best Leak Detection Services